Saturday August 13th, Argenton national was flown. Our customer Luc Severijns from Loksbergen won with two direct "Elite" pigeons, and the 217th and 298th national prizes from 19,592 pigeons (547 km). The first pigeon won already a top-prize at Sens provincial (329 km) in Limburg with a 66th prize against 4,096 pigeons. Her nest-brother won from national Bourges (468 km) the 731st prize against 27,078 pigeons. The parents of these two youngsters are the "Inbreed 69", 6001195/2011, (son basic breeder "69") http://www.natural-elite-pigeons.be/ENGELS/inbreed-69.html paired with "Barbalaura", 6072246/2014, direct Gaston Van De Wouwer and daughter of "Brother Laura”, 1/17,061 p. National Bourges", with "Daughter Barbara”, 3x 1st Provincial. http://www.natural-elite-pigeons.be/ENGELS/barbalaura.html

Also the second pigeon from Luc is very promising. He won previously 54/900 p. from Gien (400 km), 1186/27,078 national Bourges and now the 298/19,592 national Argenton. He is a pure Gaston Van De Wouwer bred from the 177 of Van De Wouwer, 6002177/2012 (grandson Ferrari), paired with "Tiarony", 6048790/2015 (inbred to the famous "Kaasboer"). http://www.natural-elite-pigeons.be/ENGELS/van-de-wouwer-Pair-4.html


Martijn Buck De Kruijf from Woerden in the Netherlands won on August 6th from Pont-Sainte-Maxence (350 km) the 1/398 p. in the club, 9/791 p. in the rayon and 70/1,688 p. in South East Holland. The father of this pigeon is a Gaston Van De Wouwer with Rudi Diels from our "Elite" breeding lofts. He was bred from "Son Anton", 6341395/2011, paired with "Golden Champagne", 6333968/2011, Rudi Diels from Beerse.









For the first time in its history the Natural Breeding Station has signed an exclusive contract and this with the group Sabil ALRAHMAN COMPANY from Erbil in Iraq, represented by JABAR Faraj Jassem. This group will from now on represent the Natural Breeding Station in the Gulf region, and they have an exclusivity on the sale of the birds from the Natural Breeding Station and the pigeons from "Elite of Natural” for Iraq and Kuwait.









In the summer of 2015 we bought a complete round of youngsters from the breeders of Etienne Meirlaen, including two children of the breeding wonder "Yelena", and two children from "Marco", 1st national Pau 2014. These birds are now paired. Photos, pedigrees and pairs will follow soon on our site.

Further, our Elite strains are expanded from this week with the best of DIRK VAN DIJCK from Zandhoven. We were able to start our breeding season with the best from Dirk. We introduced two children out of "Blue Cannibal Junior", 2 x 1st provincial, a full sister to the 8th national ace-pigeon middle-distance KBDB 2013 and last but not least, a son from "Olympic Niels”, Olympic pigeon in Nitra and in accordance with the Dirk best son ever bred from the fabulous “Di Caprio”. This is for sure another major step forward in building our exclusive loft.










Successful first open-door day


Last weekend, we held our first open-door day of 2016. It was a great success with nearly 1,100 visitors. Here you find an impression with some nice pictures. A few well-known champions such as Jos Cools (national champion speed youngsters), Marc Pollin (four-time national winner 2015) and the famous Dutch champion Ko Van Dommelen visited the Breeding Station. Ko Van Dommelen came to see his recently acquired collection which is currently breeding at the Breeding Station.









Our long awaited and much requested site is ready to go online.


A new era has started at the famous Natural Breeding Station with the "ELITE OF NATURAL". A new concept was created early 2014 with the acquisition of the "OLYMPIC BELG", born at the Natural Breeding Station, Olympic pigeon in Nitra 2013 and now one of the basic breeders at the "ELITE" loft.

We will inform you further in the course of time about the ins and outs of the "ELITE" breeding lofts. We hope you have fun looking at our new website.







'Elite of Natural' on the road...


In order to promote the "ELITE OF NATURAL", we were last winter already on the pigeon exhibitions in Kassel (Germany), Antwerp (K.B.D.B.), the NetherCountrys (N.P.O.), the Olympiad (Hungary) and the D.B.A. in Dortmund. During these exhibitions, the first breeding pigeons from our "ELITE" couples were offered and this with great success. Below you find some pictures of our exhibition stands.